By now you might have heard of Jesca Hoop's stint as nanny for Tom Waits' kids and her remarkable debut album. The follow-up is just as magical, her strengths as singer and songwriter remain.

Opener Whispering Light is fluid and sinuous with Hoop's gorgeous vocal framed by a smart tune.

Feast of the Heart has a supple tune for her to weave her magic against. Here she recalls P.J Harvey briefly.

Murder of Birds has a guest vocal by Guy Garvey of Elbow and he fits right in with the mostly restrained backing, and Hoop's dreamy vocal. It's a relaxed sound but the words are pretty ominous.

Tulip buzzes rather harshly and has a lyric about murder and such. Hoop's delivery is as ever faultless. She really creates a mood.

This is one album you shouldn't miss.