3.5 / 5

Even if she had nothing beyond her autobiography to bring to her songwriting, Jesca Hoop would have plenty of tales to tell, being the child of folksinging Mormons, then going on to roam around the country as part of a pack of traveling Deadheads before winding up as the nanny for Tom Waits' family. But the California-bred Hoop does indeed have plenty of additional idiosyncratic ideas to offer, not just lyrically but musically, on her second album, Hunting My Dress. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Hoop's work is the way she writes her own rulebook. Plenty of iconoclastic artists have decided to abjure musical convention in the past without coming up with anything worthy to replace it. Hoop, however, has pieced together her own modus operandi seemingly from scratch, with bits and pieces of Waits, Bj