We have an exquisite treat coming into town tonight. Originally from Northern California, Jesca Hoop is currently residing in Manchester, England. She's making her way to Seattle where she will be headlining Tractor Tavern tonight. Jesca Hoop is best described as a folk singer-songwriter. Hoop has found her home among the quirky and the beautiful. The only thing as captivating as her music is her personality, stage show, and edgy music videos.

The video below is a must see. Hoops plays with the elements of earth, wind, and fire. Placed in a desert, hoop forges a symbiotic relationship with her surroundings. Pounding the ground, building fires, eating earth, and dancing, hoop moves from frame to frame in clothes that show off her diversity and freedom-she even goes burlesque. Get an eye-full. It's good.

This short tour is in support of Hunting My Dress, which had a soft release in the UK last year. Following it's huge success, Hoop is making it available in the US on July 27th! Rumor has it there will be some copies at her show tonight, so get there early to get your copy. There aren't many dates on this tour, so tonight's Seattle show is very special. Don't miss your chance to see Jesca Hoop up-close-and-personal.