Jesca Hoop was the next act. Singer-songwriters are always a tough call. It would be nice to believe that we haven't developed preconceived notions about singer-songwriters, but we all know that's not completely accurate. It can be incredibly difficult for a performer to establish themselves as something unique or different when lumped in with the bulk of the performers classified similarly. Thankfully, Hoop was a wonderful relief, her music finding a home among like-minded artists such as Joanna Newsom or Tom Waits (who, incidentally, acted as a mentor to Hoop when she worked for him as a nanny). There was a beautiful flow to her music that incorporated a wonderful vocal dynamic. There was also a jangle to her guitar playing that felt right at home with the high and low vocal registers she comfortably achieved. Hoop's songs were full of wildly imaginative takes on overdone subject matter that, in her hands, felt refreshing and charming.