Finally the music kicked in, and Hoop came on stage. I'm going to try to remain even keeled in this review, and try not to go too overboard - but she was outstanding. It was almost like she was doing a smaller version of Storytellers on VH1. She had nice little stories to go along with her music, including letting the crowd know about her cancer stricken mother and helping her cope with the pain. If you listened closely to her music, you could identify that her mother passed and she devoted a song to her memory. Her vocals were in a word, mezmerizing. She had such a great voice and could play her very unique guitar very well. To show you how much I enjoyed this performance, I never buy anything from a show. Never a t shirt, poster or whatever. I bought her cd. She only played five songs, but I felt like we had some sort of connection. I was so impressed. When I get through the album, I'll review it very soon.