I can't say that if I were singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop I'd be all that happy to follow an unfunny comedian. As our good luck would have it, Hoop came out onstage, alone except for a hollow-body electric guitar and her large hair, and quickly won the audience over with her stunning voice and sweet manner.

Instantly, I thought of Joanna Newsom -- the same kind of pure, skilled voice, sort of quirky-girl appearance and mannerisms, the measured way of speaking, the quiet humor. Hoop is less ethereal, more connected to the audience. She was incredibly gracious as well, and repeatedly thanked the crowd for listening. Here's "Whispering Light," a song she wrote, she explained to us, after teaching her Mormon mother, over the phone, how to smoke pot to relieve her cancer pain.

Watching Hoop's set, you had the feeling you were seeing something kinda big ready to happen. Make a point to check out her music.