Fans of Tori Amos and Kate Bush will dig Jesca Hoop's “Hunting My Dress,” an enchanting collection of lush beauty and imagination.

It's the second album for Hoop and was released in the States in late July, about eight months after its initial U.K. release - and it's a wonder it took that long to make its way across the pond.

Lyrically, many of the songs have an Old World charm. Hoop, former nanny to Tom Waits' children, hails from Northern California, but now resides in Manchester, England. Vocally, too, Hoop appears to have adopted the lilt of her new home. Songs like “The Kingdom,” the lovely “Murder of Birds” and “Tulip” seem pulled from Arthurian legend, Tristan and Isolde-style romance and folk tales.

Hoop treads more contemporary geography on songs like the lustful “Feast of the Heart” and the mischievous “Four Dreams.”

The singer-songwriter has been touring in support of the Eels and recently played solo and acoustic at The National in Richmond. “Hunting My Dress” includes a five-song bonus EP.