4.25 / 5

I touched on this the other day with my Eels review, but I'm going to run the album past you guys. My impression during the show, was this lady was outstanding. My opinion hasn't changed all that much listening to all the tracks on this album. It's arranged very different, as her performance was simply herself strumming an acoustic guitar. That without question made her tracks better, because many of her lyrics are somewhat cold and haunting, which that set up makes you feel them better. (you know, as much as you can feel words...hard to explain that I guess). But the album here has the whole band, which is fine, but I think some of the impact of the lyrics might get lost in the fold. Regardless, Hoop grew up in rural Wyoming in a mormon family. She left the group and moved to California when she was old enough to leave. She was fairly blackballed by the family, and to this day it sounds like certain members won't talk to her. But after her telling the story and listening to her songs, she help her mom battle cancer and was there for her family during her passing, which meant a lot to everyone. This is her third studio release, and I'm excited to check out her other works. I enjoy this album very much, and would highly recommend you check her out. There is a Bonus EP that comes with the cd..I don't feel any of those tracks blew my mind as much as the regular album. So save yourself the couple bucks if it's an option. Otherwise, the 9 regular album tracks are quite good, and very memorable. Check it out, let me know what you think! Happy Friday!