Jesca Hoop performed solo for the audience of several hundred people who showed up that night. What was perhaps most surprising about her set was how much oomph she was able to pack into her songs without the aid of her band. Tracks like “Whispering Night” still maintained their kooky sense of rhythm as she plucked at her acoustic guitar, and Hoop's vocals danced expertly up and down the scale without missing a beat, particularly on her catchy, sing-songy “Four Dreams.”

The audience became increasingly enthralled with Hoop's performance as her set continued, her strong vocals carrying with the heartbreaking strains and lyrics of “Angel Mom” while augmenting “The Kingdom” with occasional scratchy edges and gravelly undertones. By the time she closed with the hypnotic title track, the audience was positively mad with excitement.

When she wasn't entrancing the audience with her musical performance, she entertained them between songs with stories behind some of the music. “Whispering Night” was written after Hoop and her “very strict Mormon mother” got high over the phone (her mother was suffering from cancer and needed coaching on how to actually smoke the stuff), and prior to “Four Dreams” Hoop mentioned how she had wanted to start a dream diary online and post everything… and then she promptly had a dream about having sex with her sister and wondered aloud whether that was the sort of story she ought to be sharing. The humor was odd and dark, but at least it was funny.