When I first listened to the Jesca Hoop album 'hunting my dress', I'm happy to admit that i was a little bit uncertain about it. However, after having a little time for it to settle in, it began to grow upon me, and I found myself humming fragments of her songs throughout the day without really realising it. Now, it's one of my favourite releases of the year, and fall all the right reasons. Whereas a lot of albums can give instant gratification but merit little sustained interest, 'Hunting my Dress' is an album that burns slower, but is far more rewarding than most. Her sound is difficult to describe - Kate Bush is usually mentioned as a comparison, which is about as close as you're likely to get. However, songs like 'Four Dreams' show her in a more contemporary light, and that track in particular sounds like it was made with Micachu producing it.

Anyway, she's been a childminder for Tom Waits amongst other things in a life that's already been more interesting than mine couled ever hope to be. She answered some questions for me, and This is Fake DIY have published them:

Jesca Hoop interview (This is Fake DIY)

And here's a song from her debut, Kismet:

Jesca Hoop - Seed of Wonder (bathlizard)