Who? Which?

We wouldn't blame you if you haven't heard Jesca Hoop's Hunting My Dress. She came out of nowhere a few years ago, and her sophomore record is rapidly emerging, cloud busting stuff. Her move to Manchester has done her multitudes of good; her voice has grown richer, more confident, and far more likely to flip your ears on their backs than ever. Headphones are a must-have to hear everything Hoop does on this record. The trills and the leaps and bounds her voice takes are just the surface of it all. The instrumentation and actual magic woven in is what makes this record one of 2010's best. Not-one-single-thing can be taken for granted in her music. Nothing is obvious nor ordinary.

Her tongue does gymnastics in “Whispering Light.” The wood crackles and she paints tales in the firelight in “The Kingdom.” Jesca sinks beneath and swims under the waves in “Feast Of The Heart.” And that's just the first three. We're in love with the bending strings, the syllable phrasing, the visuals rendered and outlandish chances Hoop takes. It ALL WORKS.

Hoop's songs are as likely to take a turn in the absolute opposite direction, as you are to take another breath and bat your eyes in amorous response. Six-part harmonies pop up at frequent intervals, and 10 second highlights can be spliced from any song at ANY time. We're absolutely smitten with her words and her sound. — Matt