Experimental folk singer-songwriter, Jesca Hoop's latest is an itchy, eclectic feast for your ears. Even at its most ordinary, Hoop cannot resist coloring these tunes with twisted vocal phrasing, as on the flowing acoustic "Murder Of Birds", or gorgeous layers of instrumentation, as with the otherworldly mellow falsetto of "Angel Mom". Hoop's sinister vocals lend an air of danger to "Whispering Light", as a swirling bed of plucked guitars strings weave their way through the haunting backing vocals.

Hoops' ability to move seamlessly from the gorgeous, shifting backdrops and tender vocals of "The Kingdom" to the dramatic, ragged pleas delivered on the constantly evolving "Feast Of The Heart" is as much of a draw as the fabulous guitar on the album. The nimble acoustic flicker of "Bed Across The Sea" displays a beautiful, more straightforward sound that is every bit as lovely as the aching creak of the southern dipped riffs of "Four Dreams" and bluesy, growling distortion grumbling through "Tulip". Hoop proves one of the more fascinating artists going on this challenging, rewarding effort.

Seek - "The Kingdom", "Feast Of The Heart", "Whispering Light"