Late last night, Rarities favourite Jesca Hoop unveiled the video for the single 'City Bird', which is due to appear on her forthcoming EP Snowglobe. The Tom Waits-tipped singer-songwriter will only release a limited pressing of the EP (just 1,000 copies). Snowglobe can be picked up at any of Jesca's UK tour live shows and from her official website from April 4th.

'City Bird' is an enchanting and almost eerie track that showcases Jesca's unique and haunting vocals at their very best. The track, which tells a tale of a city of lonely souls, was apparently inspired by her memory of her time spent living in downtown Skid Row in the underbelly of L.A.: "The block I moved into was lined with these cardboard houses and people sleeping in doorways. Many of the buildings were turned into crack dens. You can only imagine. Poverty, famine, drug abuse, prostitution...What left the biggest impression on me was the look in their eyes. I witnessed many possessed...Skid Row is filled with ghosts...walking around... still in their bones", the singer-songwriter has explained.

With a gentle hum of cello and a surprisingly uplifting picking style supporting Jesca's husky vocals, the first track from Snowglobe EP is utterly powerful. Give this a spin.