I caught up with a very softly spoken Jesca Hoop at the Feel Good Festival in Rochdale. Unfortunately I was forced to massacre our talk time as I had to dash off for work in the real world. This ‘speechless communication’ is the end result.

Your songs often project colourful and far off natural beauty montage scenes. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Where ever possible. Inevitably I will experience a feeling in connection with a scene, environment, conversation, event that is substantial enough to strike up a lyric or melody. Much of the time I have to search my own mind for ideas… and rely only on my imagination.

You seem to have awesome talent for beautiful songs, where can you ascribe this to? Did you ever have a mentor or strong influence growing up?

There are many songwriters that I admire and was fortunate enough to be exposed to writers like Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell at a very early age. Being raised with this perspective I believe set a standard for myself.

Tulip from Hunting My Dress is a favourite of mine. How did you come to write that?

Doesn’t everyone love a murder ballad? Well it was time for me to write my own. The tulip undertow of the song comes from learning about the tulip craze in the Netherlands in the 16th century.

Who has been your favourite artist you have worked with so far?

I think that I enjoyed working with Stuart Copeland on my first album.

How did you get to touch base with the incredible Guy Garvey?

Guy called me a few years back to do an interview for his radio show Guy Garvey’s finest hour as he was featuring some of my music.

How did you like your time on (BBC) 6 Music earlier this year?

Oh that was good fun; Guy asked me to sit in for him as he was out of town and needed someone to host his show. I was happy to fill in. radio can be great fun, if you get to play what you love like on 6 Music. I have hosted his show twice and enjoyed it completely.

Who or what does Jesca Hoop listen to?

I’ve been listening to a disc of classical music lately that a friend gave me. I don’t remember the name and there is no title on the disc. So I don’t know but it’s amazing orchestral arrangements totally different from any other classical music I have heard. It’s nice to take a break from words…all the people talking all the time. It’s nice to enjoy this speechless communication.

Do you have a favourite movie?

Waiting for Guffman by Christopher Guest.

Where is the best place you have taken a holiday?

I love the Pacific Northwest for the evergreen forests, rivers, coast lines and totem poles.

Do you have any interests outside the musical world?

I love to cook, walk in nature, dance, read, theatre, and grow food, homestead, paint, draw, history and science, travel.

Any cool stuff coming up?

I’m touring around Europe, UK, the USA and writing a new record till the end of the year.

Big thank you to Jesca for taking time out her tour to do this and to Rob Sonic who arranged things for me!

Eddie Heakin

You can find Jesca on Myspace, Facebook, and of course on her very own website!