A quick double take is required as from the shadows to the left of stage Jesca Hoop emerges gloriously adorned in colourful face paint and from a headress of red flowers hangs a small skeleton.

When she left her Californian home to relocate to Manchester with some encouragement from our own Guy Garvey we added to our musical community a unique and original performer whose album – “Hunting My Dress” was filled with a mix of eccentric styles and often fascinatingly impenetrable lyrics.

Her new album – “The House That Jack Built” is if anything more accessible in its sound but there is no compromise lyrically as the title track deals with the responsibility of clearing out her father’s house following his death and in “D.N.R.” her father is once again the subject – dealing with the fierce challenge with which she and her family were faced in dealing with his battle against chronic depression – strong stuff indeed.

Even the cheerful pop orientated sound of “Hospital” – like her painted face – has something hidden beneath with it’s story of a child’s delight at the attention being payed due to a broken arm!

In between and every bit as involving are the amazing passages of surreal story telling that she excels at leaving the audience open mouthed and at times pleasantly baffled.