Jesca Hoop's 2007 album Kismet stands tall as one of the more eccentric and adventurous debut albums of the decade, an extraordinarily inventive and artful musical statement that, sadly, was never quite understood or subsequently supported by her major label executives at the time. The L.A.-based songwriter's compositions are, as we've noted, "miniature vocal sonicscapes of startling originality, building songs that flit and dart, build and then break down again all against a backdrop of stark guitar runs, boldly progressive time measures and a tiny grab bag of head-turning production surprises." Following the release of Kismet, Hoop rendered five of the LP's songs into an acoustic EP and now she's expanded that project with six more stripped renditions (and two bonus tracks) for a fan-funded January release as The Complete Kismet Acoustic. For a preview, check out the dazzling melodic twists and turns of "Love and Love Again".