By Lucy Christian

Jesca Hoop kicks off the new year by presenting a special stripped down acoustic version of her first album (US release only) entitled The Complete Kismet Acoustic.

Featuring four songs from the original Kismet Acoustic EP, which introduced Jesca to the UK back in 2008, she now completes the batch with the remaining 6 songs from her debut record as live recordings. This simplistic incarnation is brought to life with the help of two acoustic guitars and three voices, a popular combination as seen in many of her live performances. The arrangement brings focus to Hoop’s exceptional penmanship and vocal performance.

The recordings were completed in two stages from Los Angeles and Manchester, and the finished article proudly showcases two previously unheard tracks – Paradise and Worried Mind.

The Complete Kismet Acoustic track listing:

1. Silverscreen
2. Summertime
3. Out the Back Door
4. Seed of Wonder
5. Enemy
6. Love Is All We Have
7. Intelligentactile 101
8. Havoc in Heaven
9. Reves Dans Le Creux
10. Money
11. Love and Love Again
12. Paradise
13. Worried Mind