By Jeremy Williams

Born to Mormon parents in California, songstress Jesca Hoop launched her first full album back in 2007. The US-only release of Kismet sparked interest in the emotionally charged musician on this side of the pond. Her response was to unveil Kismet Acoustic EP for UK audiences in 2008. While this five-track EP consisted mainly of material from her début (opener ‘Murder of Birds’ was written for the EP), the UK has never been fully introduced to Hoop’s tempting début. A year later, Hoop rewarded her UK fanbase with the fully fledged, UK-recorded album Hunting My Dress. However, having now fully adopted Manchester as her home, Hoop has decided it is finally time to ensure her global fanbase are all equally aware of her entire back catalogue.

With the album recorded in the two cities Hoop identifies as home – Los Angeles and Manchester - The Complete Kismet Acoustic is an unsurprisingly intimate affair. While Hoop won over a world of new fans with her irresistible and experimental 2012 album, The House That Jack, The Complete Kismet Acoustic offers greater insight into the skilled songcraft and artistry which has allowed Hoop to grow into the innovate, yet honest artist she is today.

There is no word strong enough to fully capture the innate beauty that resonates throughout the tender, understated elegance of The Complete Kismet Acoustic. Hoop simply breathes out her lyrical wizardries and knocks her audience to the floor. While there are fleeting moments that shine brighter than the rest – the dreamy ‘Reves Dans La Creux’ and playful ‘Out The Back Door’ – Hoop’s reworking of her début offering only highlights the fact that she is a rarity in the music world – an artist whose catalogue has been flawless from the very outset.

While The Complete Kismet Acoustic is driven towards Hoop’s loyal fanbase, it would also serve as a worthy introduction to an exciting talent.