For Jesca Hoop, the journey to the North West of Ireland has been a long one, from California via Manchester via Dingle to Derry. The question is, has she been worth waiting for?

When she takes to the stage and starts singing by herself, the feeling one initially gets is of watching what might happen if Lisa Hannigan decided to audition in a Tim Burton movie. That is to say, a sweet, melodic nightingale voice, an eccentric haircut, and the loveable quirks cranked up a notch, but to likeable rather than unbearable proportions.

That she makes a few mistakes early on doesn't matter, as the crowd are more than into the swing of things by now. The haphazard nature of her material is also irrelevant, as the all round gist of the set is so warm, bouncy and technically remarkable (the use of instruments to create an effective midtempo calypso is particularly impressive) that one can't help but go along with it. Forget Lisa Hannigan, there's aspects of Belle & Sebastian here. The irresistible "Ode To Banksy", with its fine pace and consistently off-the-wall humour, is the perfect conclusion to the set, marking her out as the star of the evening.