Wednesday, July 31

PLAN A: Jesca Hoop, Gayle Skidmore, Vajna James @ The Casbah. The story everyone tells about Jesca Hoop is that she was a nanny for Tom Waits' kids once, but musically, a more prominent influence is U.K. art-pop queen Kate Bush. Hoop has a similarly ambitious and climactically sprawling pop sound, with a touch of English folk influence for good measure. PLAN B: Naam, Joy, Tar Halos, Sacri Monti @ Soda Bar. Heavy psychedelic band Naam find an interesting middle ground between thunderous, Sabbath-like stoner metal and swirling, trippy textures. They're certainly not the first ones to stumble upon such a combination, but their version is plenty kickass. Warning: Expect to get a contact high.