Following the release of The Complete Kismet Acoustic earlier this year, Manchester-based California-born singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop has announced she'll be dropping a new album next year.

Undress is set for release on February 3rd via Pledge Music, featuring songs from her second record Hunting My Dress performed live with trusted allies in a stripped down fashion: "It is one thing to take a batch of new songs into a studio with time on your hands, instruments to high heaven, a producer as keen as the devil and panel of knobs and faders that could put a shine on any old piece of rust. It is another to take these songs to the stage and play them live," Hoop explains. "My approach to performing my songs live changes considerably once I have separated them from the studio process and set them free in the live realm. Limitation plays a key role in determining what can be done. It becomes ever more clear that the song is paramount. Before any bell or whistle there must be a great tune in place to capture the imagination."