Jesca Hoop just came to fans through PledgeMusic for her upcoming album, “Undress,” a live take on her 2009 album, “Hunting My Dress” (learn more in the video above).

Hoop first graced PledgeMusic with her presence in December of last year when she embarked on a project to expand upon her “Complete Kismet Acoustic” EP.

Now, with a live album in the works, she writes on her PledgeMusic page, “It is my aim to bring to you my dear listeners, something simply beautiful, simply raw, live, candid and translucent. ‘Undress’ is a chance to capture these stories in the most up close and personal way possible … second only to singing them for you at your bedside.”

Since she’s going live for the new project, we asked the songstress (who has been hailed by the likes of Tom Waits and others) to give us her top five favorite live recordings of all time. Do you agree with her selection? What would you add to the list?