Over the next few months a good handful of DrunkenWerewolf favourites will release material to see in the New Year. On top of that seasoned musicians and favoured up and coming bands will join the furore, bringing to the masses the songs they’ve been working hard on for the past few months. In fact with so many lined up for January, February and March, readers are in danger of being spoiled for choice.

Here at DrunkenWerewolf we’re particularly excited about a handful of releases coming out over the course of the next few months. Some of them we’re sure you’ll already be acquainted with; others might have slipped underneath your radar. That’s why we’ve put together this short but sweet list. These are the albums to watch in our books – the records that we hope will be remembered in twelve months time, all going to plan. They’re our Five Albums for 2014.


Five Albums for 2014Jesca Hoop – Undress

Our favourite artist of 2012 and arguably all time will return in 2014 with her new album Undress.

The third studio full length from Jesca Hoop was funded through Pledge, as per her 2013 release Kismet Acoustic (left), and already has an ever-so-tempting trailer video to its name. In the clip Hoop proves her worth with a poetic narrative that also underlines her mission statement: “a six string warrior”, she’s ready to bring her message to world once more.

Jesca’s 2012 album The House That Jack Built is just so flipping amazing it’s impossible to overlook this release. We’re really, really psyched for Undress and we’re already clearing a space in our Top Ten Albums of 2014. Roll on 3rd February 2014, when it’ll be released through Jesca’s own label!