Travelling around Europe late last year supporting Andrew Bird, Tom Waits' favourite nanny Jesca Hoop learned a thing or two and before setting out tomorrow on a UK tour that will take her from Cardiff to Belfast over the next month, she tells Ragged Words what those lessons were.

1. You can get twice as much mileage out of your pants... If you turn them inside out.

2. Its good to take 4 or five showers before you leave to last you the first week... I haven't figured out what to do after that.

3. Be wary if an englishmen tells you that it is customary to shout out "the painters are in" when drinking red wine... Thats not what it means!!!

4. You must make use of your days off in creative ways... Get out and explore!!

5. You will meet... Some of your favourite people in the world on tour.

6. You can get into most any building without a pass... Just by acting like you belong there and you know just where you're going.

7. Contrary to popular belief... Keeping a sleeper bus the temperature of the north pole does not prevent spreading colds and such it only perpetuates dehydration and a general uncomfortable state.

8. I love my sleeper bus and the circus that it carries to sleep... Eventually...

9. You can sleep... Very late into the day in your very dark bunk.

10. You can end up crawling into someone elses bunk... When drunk.