It'll take more than one listen to get Jesca Hoop, the album is a blend of folk, pop and haunting melodies, undoubtedly there will be comparisons to Kate Bush, (or a more accessible Bjork), but the reality is far better, this sounds contemporary blending pop and folk with ease into the quirky 'Four Dreams.'

The tracks are joyous and it takes your breath away as you can hear individual guitar strings plucked. Fans of Laura Marling will also lap this album up, particularly on the more traditional folksy tracks such as 'Bed Across the Sea' but Hoop tries to take a few risks blending in some gentle beats as she shuffles her way through the albums 9 tracks.

Add to this the endorsement of Elbow's Guy Garvey, who supplies backing vocals on the intimate 'Murder of Birds' and you'll realise this is a rather special artist indeed.