This beguiling Californian - now based in Manchester - has already gleaned a highly impressive array of admirers. Tom Waits, no less, has gone on record as saying that the sound of Jesca Hoop reminds him of “going swimming in a lake at night”. Waits formerly employed Hoop as nanny to his children - but would she have been better suited to a life of tidying away playthings over making discs?

On the strong evidence presented by second album Hunting My Dress: not a chance. A sensual, eccentric and often frankly odd-sounding record, it exudes oodles of charisma and originality, thanks mostly to Hoop's delightfully freaky take on traditional folk convention. Guy Harvey of Elbow is another huge fan, and his duet with her, Murder of Birds, is an immediate standout on this collection. A touch of Edgar Allen Poe is clear to hear in lines such as “I've got demons / when I need 'ems”.

Obvious comparisons are there to be made when listening to Hoop's impressive vocal range and almost scholarly attention to lyrical detail, the quickest to spring to mind being Bj