“By turns soulful and contemplative, spirited and witty, Hoop effortlessly shifts emotional gear, a striking ability to meld the traditional and the contemporary and her forceful, crystalline voice the constants” Time Out

“Genuinely gorgeous… the likes of which come along all too rarely” Music Week

It has been quite a year for Jesca Hoop thus far. Tipped by a diverse range of publications from Uncut (“excellent”), Time Out (“bewitching”), OMM (Tips for 2009), The Sun ('Single of the Week' for 'Murder of Birds'), Esquire, Music Week and a two page feature in The Times on the back of one limited self-released UK debut EP. Interspersed shows and radio sessions for the likes of Marc Riley have had to maneuver around the recording of the follow up to her US-only debut album from 2007. This arrives in the supremely elegant and unique shape of Hunting My Dress due to be released on November 30 2009.

The above are far from being on their own in nailing their allegiance and trumpeting the emergence of someone very special. She has received notable endorsements from Tom Waits and the nation's new Humphrey Lyttelton-in-waiting, one Guy Garvey. He became so enchanted by her music that he invited her onto his radio show. They got on like a house on fire, so he continued his open house policy by extending an invite to join the Elbow US tour in April 2008, which led into a UK tour in October 2008 followed by another US tour in August this year. He also lends his subtle yet inimitable vocal strength to 'Murder of Birds'.

These notable artists are not ones to bandy plaudits easily and neither should they. So what you may ask binds these people together? Maybe it is the darting melodies and sense of play nestled next to a capacity for wonder… Or maybe The Times summation gets somewhere close as “her voice swoops and pierces the high heavens and then the song soars down low”. Or maybe it is simply her ability to roll up the sleeve and get on with things and not wait for anyone to open that elusive door. She has toured relentlessly across the US and Europe, gaining fans in abundance wherever she goes. She is a force of nature that plays her intricate tunes for the right reasons. And what tunes they are. Brave and bold you can assign to her. Shrinking violet you can't.

Jesca Hoop will play The Slaughtered Lamb, London on 1st December to celebrate the album release as well as the following dates that same month