A former Mormon whose CV includes working on an Arizona wilderness rehabilitation programme for troubled kids and being nanny for Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, California born Hoop released her debut album two years ago and, following a tour supporting Elbow decided to move to Manchester.

Guy Garvey's involvement in her life continues here with an appearance on the acoustic tumbling Murder Of Birds, one of her nine skewed takes on folk music.

From the opening trill of Whispering Light with its staccato burbling rhythm and her idiosyncratic swooping vocal delivery, it's clear she's something of a singular talent. Beginning with what sounds like bird song and a crackling fire, The Kingdom shifts from being trad Brit folk to a clattering percussive Native American tribal rhythm that sounds like Kate Bush doing a slow tempo version of Womaniser. Hoop says she embodies a "banshee-esque battle goddess whose call is to deliver a spell bound death to those dying, yet still attached to this earth." Right.

Keeping your ears on their toes, the disjointed Feast Of The Heart has vague eastern bazaar colours behind the gulping breath vocals, piston beats and an ending that bursts in from another dimension. The headily infectious Four Dreams is sort of a stew of blues, nursery rhyme, gospel, swamp rock and 60s girlie pop and pixie folk with a slide guitar interlude, Tulip a clanging murder ballad Irish jig with reverberating guitar and synth drums and the title track a peat and streams distilled Scottish romantic ballad complete with the accent and a layered voices finale. She says that on that one she's a "fire carrying racoon." Right.

The onomatopoeic and frequently nature linked lyrics often abstract and impressionistic to the point of downright Bjork, the musically no less pulsingly sonic Angel Mum is, by contrast, pretty direct and emotionally unambiguous in its unsentimental tribute to her late mother.

Waits describes her music as like going swimming in a lake at night. I'd suggest you dig out your bathing costume and join her.